So I decided to start a website….

May 26, 2011 at 3:31 am Leave a comment

Everything I read said that I should talk about something I know.  I decided that of everything that I know, I probably know the most about Disney.   I’m a former cast member, and current pass holder at Walt Disney World, so there’s a little bit of inside knowledge there, but the majority of my info comes from research, history, being a Walt Disney fan, and loving Mickey Mouse.  The people I work with call me Mr. Mickey.  I have applied for more than one job with a Mickey Mouse Tie on.  Mickey guards my keys, sings a song when my toast is done, and sleeps in every one of my children’s beds.  I wish I was making this stuff up.  I’ve had Mickey Mouse checks at 4 different bank accounts and (as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now) seen everything he’s been in.  I have a Theatre Style, double sided Runaway Brain poster.  Yeah, it’s pretty serious.

But aside from my love of the mouse, I am a fan of all things Classic Disney.  The old movies, TV Shows, Walt himself; these are all more than hobbies for me.  They are a passion.  I could write a book, or a really in-depth website.  But we live in 2011 and the best way to tell someone all about what you know is with a blog.  So here I am, and I hope you’ll return.  I plan to write a little bit all the time.  We visit the park a lot, so some of the posts will be about that,  but most will probably have to do with classic Disney films, history of the company, that sort of thing.  I hope that you enjoy, and come back often.  I’ll try to have new info for you every time you visit.


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…It was all started by a Mouse…

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